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Build The Right Products

Learn how to build the right features at the right time for the best results.

Create Awesome Team Culture

Elevate team collaboration and self-organisation skills.

Enhance Team Skills and Capability

Create long-term success by leveraging team ability to get work done in a sustainable manner.

Hi, I'm Hannu Törmänen

Many product development teams don’t know how to work effectively. Some reasons why:

  • They aren’t aware of their true customers needs
  • They don’t know what the right priorities are
  • There are challenges in team collaboration both inside or outside the team
  • They struggle with issues in the product instead of creating value for customers and the business

It’s not that people in teams are not skillful enough. Often teams don’t get the support to find out how to work effectively as one team.

The huge potential of developing high-performing product teams is neglected in organizations. 

Companies wants their teams to deliver products and services as quickly as possible. However, teams don’t often have a proper plan and intention to create long-term sustainable success. Whether they ever become high-performing teams is left to chance.

Teams often feel challenging to adopt new thinking models and ways of working. Change does not happen overnight. Being persistent and systematically adopting new ways of work it is possible to succeed. Taking continuously steps forward and making progress is essential.

Every product team benefits from better collaboration, knowing their customer needs, learning new skills and continuous improvement practices.

My goal is to help product teams reach those objectives. My aim is they become high-performing teams who can face any challenge. Such teams help customers and business to reach their goals.

I bring 30+ years of product development experience to help teams to do just that. My multi-faceted background in software engineering, team lead, engineering management, project management and lean-agile coaching help product teams from every angle. 

1) Run Team Assessment

Understand product team's current skills and capabilities as well as their needs and areas for improvement.

2) Define Goals

Agree on inspirational and realistic short-term and long-term goals together with the team.

3) Follow a Tailored Program

A dedicated fitness program will set your team to the trajectory of becoming a high-performing team.

4) Keep Training!

Learn and adopt efficient team behaviours to make work easier and reach your goals.

Better Teams, Better Products

Lift your team’s capabilities!