Hi, I'm Hannu Törmänen

I am a product team coach with over 30 years of experience in software engineering, team leadership, engineering management, Scrum mastery, and lean-agile coaching. I am passionate about helping product teams build high-performing products that customers love.

I have a deep understanding of complex modern product architectures, software and hardware. Through my broad experience I’m aware of unique challenges and opportunities in different industries. My domain experience includes telecoms, finance, medical devices and the public sector clients.

I have extensive experience coaching agile product teams in companies like Tellabs/Coriant, Ericsson and Eficode. I believe that the key to success is to create a culture of collaboration, trust, and continuous learning. I help teams to identify and overcome their challenges. The key is to develop the skills and practices they need to deliver high-quality products for customers and reach their goals.

My Product Team Coaching Approach

Step 1

Identify true team needs and challenges

Step 2

Create realistic short-term and long-term team objectives

Step 3

Make steady progress toward team objectives

Step 4

Become resilient and high-performing team

Creating high-performing product teams is a long game. Just learning new methods, tools and frameworks is not enough. Great team culture needs systematic development, experimenting new things and cultivating good practices become even better.

Every product team is different. Each team member brings their skills and whole humanness into the team. Teams need to learn how to work together to reach their objectives. To meet customer and shareholder expectations they need to show up and learn effective communication skills.

Taking a systematic and holistic approach in product team development is key to succeed in today’s rapidly changing and competitive environment.

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Trusted By

Rebase Consulting (2022-)

Lean-Agile Coach & Project Manager for public sector clients (social, healthcare and security services)

Ericsson (2018-2022)

Coach for product development teams at Ericsson Finland as well as coaching and training assignments for global Ericsson teams 

Eficode (2017-2018)

Agile Coach and Project Manager for finance, health science, medical device and telecom operator clients.

Tellabs/Coriant (1995-2017)

Software Engineering Manager, Scrum Master and Senior Software Engineer in international and multisite telecom product development projects.

Nokia (1992-1995)

Software Engineer in telecom product development team.

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