It all starts from your product team’s unique situation and needs.

Every service can be tailored to maximise the outcomes and meet goals.

Build the right product

Learn how to address true customer needs and meet their expectations. Build product backlogs that deliver value for the customer from day 1. 

Teams mastering techniques like user stories, story maps, controlled experiments and forecasting elevate your product to the next level.

Create awesome team culture

A high-performing product team is a master communicator. The best teams know how to work together as a team. They can explain customers and stakeholders what they are working on and why.

Sharing knowledge and information should not be overlooked. If your product team could improve in this area, the good news is better team skills and effective communication can be learned step-by-step. 

Leverage team skills and capability

The best product teams can handle any challenge. However being skillful and resilient doesn’t happen overnight. Teams need to plan how they can be productive and learn from each other, so they can work in a sustainable manner.

Coaching product teams with lean concepts like flow, work-in-progress and continuous improvement makes them think how they can improve their effectiveness and productivity. 


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Both options are available, but if possible first coaching sessions are preferable in-person. I’m based in Finland. If travel is needed there are related costs. 

It depends on the coaching agreement we’ll make. First, I’ll assess where your team is now and identify where the areas of improvement are. Then we can decide how the coaching engagement continues.

We agree together the goals for the coaching program. We’ll evaluate the outcomes of the program and a possible path for further development during and after the program.

Typically a coaching program includes training sessions and workshops. Every team member should attend those. However, the most important thing is to put the learnings from the coaching program into action in everyday team activities.

Team assessment is fixed price and depends on the team size. A coaching program for teams depends on the mutually agreed goals and related coaching required.

It will help the product team in finding and exploring their potential customers and end-users. With techniques like user stories, story maps and jobs to be done the team will be able to manage what to build, when and for whom to add value for customers and business.

Fostering team culture has been shown to create better employee engagement, commitment, happier workplaces and business results. A great team culture creates flexibility, better skills and motivation in the organization.

Teams will learn why communication inside and outside the team is important. High-performing teams know how to communicate with customers and stakeholders. They can manage their work to deliver the best customer experience and value for business.

Better team performance comes from better collaboration and continuous learning. Learning takes time and effort, and unfortunately it is not often planned how teams maximise their capability to learn from others and each other. Breaking silos and knowledge gaps inside the team is the first step toward added team capability and resilience.

Absolutely. I have worked as an agile coach for several years. I can teach agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban for product teams. However, teams should learn the principles of being agile, not just following a framework for best results.

What benefits do you get from
Product Team Coaching?

Short-term benefits

  • You understand where your team is now in its performance
  • You understand team’s skills and capability
  • You get a clear and concise plan how to move the team forward
  • You work with an experienced tech savvy product team coach who has background from various industries

Long-term benefits

  • Team will acquire new skills and capabilities leading to better products for customers
  • Team will become more resilient to overcome hurdles in product development
  • Team will communicate better with customers and stakeholders creating mutual trust and confidence
  • Team will contribute more to business success

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